Our Story

Welcome to All In 1 Body, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian Apparel & Custom Apparel charitable organization. Serving our community for the past five years and bringing our customers ideas to life.

All In 1 Body was founded in 2015 by Patty, she designs the apparel and runs the company with the help of an amazing team that consist of her husband and her children.

Our Mission

To reach out to those in need by providing food, housing, school supplies, clothing and much more. By offering consistent support as well as equipping and empowering their lives so they can reach their fullest potential, through the love of Jesus Christ. 

Equip – Empower – Love – Hope
About The Brand
All In 1 Body is an innovative Christian Apparel, is a lifestyle brand that loves to equip, to empower, to give hope, and to show the love ❤️ of Jesus Christ around the world.
  • We strive to design Christian apparel for all ages and styles.
  • To provide the softest and the highest quality Christian apparel that you can wear all day.
  • We strive to give a fresh and modern look on t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and more.
  • Every design is a made with love❤️ and for every item sold, we donate 50% of the proceeds to someone in need as well to charities we partner with either locally or internationally.
Our goal and prayers here, at All In 1 Body is for our brand to open conversations with those around you.
"When I started All In 1 Body in my living room in April of 2015, I never knew the ups and downs I was going to go through. I never could have imagined what God was preparing me for and what He was creating through All In 1 Body.
Each design is created just for you- whether you are bold with your faith, love to empower and help those around you.
We all need encouragement and a reminder of who God is in our daily lives.
Thank you so much for supporting small businesses like this and choosing to shop at 🥰.
I hope and pray that each item you purchase will spread the love of Jesus Christ. - Patty